Friday, February 3, 2012

BJ's Pot Luck-O-Crap

This is just some of the crap that came in today. I find most of it funny and sad. These people are delusional. I am sure they believe they are right and they are. Very far to the right.
Why would you listen to a any person tell you about a "lifestyle" they never lived?  I am so over str8 (maybe not) people telling me about the way I live. They don't have a clue so they make shit up to make us look bad.
Why don't people believe us when we say we were born this way? So many of us say this but because there is no scientific proof ( the only science they are allowed to believe) so we are all telling a huge lie.
Why is your chosen religion more important than supporting equal families? The divorce rate was messed up BEFORE we started getting married. We have couples that have been together 50+ years and are legal strangers. We all deserve the same benefits.
Ya know, even str8 kids get bullied (some to death) for looking or sounding gay. Bullying is wrong for everyone, not just some. Your chosen beliefs are NOT a pass to bully.

Try telling that to these people.....

Catholic League: If Madonna Misbehaves At The Super Bowl, The NFL Will Pay
Bill Donohue, art critic and anti-gay blowhard, warned the NFL not to have Madonna play the half time show.They did not listen. Now I guess he will spank them if she "misbehaves". I sure hope so! A wardrobe malfunction would be nice.

From comes this short audio of an X-gay making an Xtra large ass of him self before the NJ Assembly Judiciary Committee. Remember readers that there are no such things as X-gays and to try to change can and will be damaging. This guy is really damaged. There is NO WAY IN HELL this guy lived the "homosexual lifestyle" for years and can't understand why need the laws to change to protect and promote our families.

Audio: 'There are more ex-gays than gays -- that's just a fact' LOL LOL LOL LOL

One Million Moms Against Ellen, Part 2 . Real quick....After Ellen came out on her show, JC Penny's pulled there support. Many moons later, they ask her to be the new spokesperson. I see progress.  One Million Moms don't like it. They don't like much frankly. I think it is a small bunch of housewives who's kids are grown and the old man has not retired yet so she is left with nothing to do. I heard the best line from "Overboard". "You're so board, you have to make shit up to bitch about!"

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