Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Knew They Put SLIME in my Food!

You have all seen or heard about the Pink Slime in our food by now.
I know they put questionable stuff in our food so I don't eat fast food. Not a big fan of burgers and can't eat bread.
I do make some cheese burgers at home that put the rest to shame. Try waffles instead of a bun.
I come from a family that loves food and a few love to cook.
I am the oldest and started cooking first and I still have and use my first recipe. Cranberry Crunch
Even if you don't like cranberries you will like this.
I am not going to post it. It is mine. Just like the box full of every recipe from my folks restaurant, I will hand it down to my oldest son.
My youngest brother is AWESOME with food. I like to watch him cook. His timing and knowledge is a dance. You should see his face when he is tasting something. He loves to cook.
He lives and breaths his job as an Executive Chief in a fancy historical place. My oldest brother, both sons, and on occasion the wife and myself all work for and with him.
Because I like to cook and know what real food tastes like, I never cared much for "fake" food.
Something is lost making fast food...taste.
Something is added.......Pink Slime

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