Friday, February 10, 2012

New York Rabbi: Use Chemicals To ‘Cure’ Homosexuality

I was lead to this by Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters
From Think Progress come this warning.

Chaim Levin, a survivor of ex-gay therapy, continues to cause fluster among Orthodox Jews through his efforts to expose the harm of anti-gay views and reparative therapy. Rabbi Yehuda Levin (no relation), ally to the National Organization for Marriage, responded to Chaim’s recent remarks by suggesting that gays should seek out ANY treatment to quell their attractions, including, “as a last resort you use chemicals to stop the urge to act in a forbidden manner… Unpleasant, surely; but better than committing adultery, homosexuality or incest.” Chaim replied that the Rabbi Yehuda is “extremely dangerous, hurtful, and reckless” whose “deplorable” comments could drive gay teens to consider suicide.

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