Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My One Thousandth Post - Thank You for Stopping By

Dearest Readers,

This is my 1000th post.

It took over a year to make it this far. Every day I read tons of news from all over the net. Most of it relates to my LGBT brothers and sisters around the world. Some of it is the art I find along the way.

It is hard to take in too much so I just try to keep abreast of those things that matter to me and use this blog to share not just the news but how I feel about it.
Having missed only a few days, I have managed to post 4 or 5 things each day. Some that speak for themselves and some that require my commentary.

I do this as one more voice for the causes I believe in. I don't know if it has made any difference but passing along information is one way I can contribute

Your comments are savored. Each one is valued so keep them coming.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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