Monday, February 27, 2012

Lastest BS from NOM and Brian Brown

This was in my mail today.

Brought to you by the National Organization for Marriage
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Monday, February 27, 2012
Dear Barbara,
Same-sex marriage advocates claim they are just asking for their rights and want to be left alone...that there are no consequences to redefining marriage.
But tell that to the 14-year-old girl who is getting death threats because she dared to stand up and tell the Maryland legislature to vote no on same-sex marriage.
And if you think it's bad now—just wait until after the bill is signed into law.
This Barbara, this is what NOM stands up to and fights against every day.
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14-year-old Sarah Crank testified before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on January 31st. She urged the committee to give her "the best birthday present ever," by "vot[ing] no on gay marriage." She continued:
"I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender. Even though some kids think it's fine, they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on. I don't want more kids to get confused about what's right and okay. I really don't want to grow up in a world where marriage isn't such a special thing anymore."
CLICK HERE to listen to Sarah's complete 60-second testimony.
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She is brief, polite, and totally non-threatening. Just a happy, smart young girl.
But it obviously struck a chord because within minutes after her testimony was posted online, the comments quickly turned vicious and ugly.
As documented by TFP Student Action responses to her testimony included:
"And now everyone knows her name, so hopefully she will feel what its [sic] like to be harassed and bullied..."
"My god I hate people like this. Most (not all) Americans are [expletive] retards. If I ever see this girl, I will kill her. That's a promise."

I do think that any threat is wrong. The people that wrote the bad comments should be ashamed.

That said.....NOM and this 14 year old lamb is full of S##T.
That girl got up and said what she has been programed to say due to her indoctrination into the crazy end of Christendom.
Just because you feel bad or that your God does like LGBT people or that it is your birthday is not a reason for those kids and their loving parents should have to suffer.

If you really want to feel bad think of the extra taxes, lack of health insurance, no Social Security benefits, or the people like you who make them feel like they don't count or their families are not good enough.

How about one parent dies and the kids are ripped away from the other parent because the law sees them as legal strangers. How about the surviving parent losing the house because they can't pay the extra taxes a REAL spouse would not and no SS to help out.

I feel sorry for the kid. She does not have a clue to the damage her words have.

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