Saturday, February 25, 2012

Newt, NOM, and the Catholic Church Have Their Say About Marriage in Maryland

As you know Maryland will have Equal Marriage  60 days after Gov. O'Malley signs the bill into law.
Naturally those that think this is a sin is crawling out to have their say about it.

Newt Gingrich, cheater and 3 times married, is not happy about it. Like he should talk about how others live their lives. "I think at least they're doing it the right way, which is going through voters, giving them a chance to vote and not having a handful of judges arbitrarily impose their will,” Gingrich said when asked about the votes in Washington state and Maryland. “I don't agree with it. I would vote no if it were on a referendum where I was, but at least they're doing it the right way."
At least it was done democratically.  I am guessing he does not talk much to his sister, the lovely Candice who happens to be a married lesbian.

NOM is buzzing now they have another state to invade with their lies and hate. From their web site comes this URGENT message....

NOM is a member of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, the official committee that has already begun the effort to collect signatures to put the bill on the ballot this November. But time is short—we have just three months to collect 56,000 valid signatures needed to qualify the referendum for the statewide ballot. Over the next three months, we will be taking our message to voters from every walk of life—from college campuses to African American churches, from the Eastern Shore to Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in suburban D.C.
Maryland has a reputation as having some of the most stringent signature requirements in the nation, so we will need several times the required 56,000 signatures to ensure we are not disqualified at the last minute due to signatures that are thrown out.
They better stay away from my neck of the woods because every single person I have talked to since we moved here thinks Equal Marriage is a good idea. Only one exception was a very Christian neighbor who is a sweetheart. We have talked about "gays" and marriage many times and she likes us. Her husband likes us. They will think twice when at the polls because they see that we are not all the bad things they have been told. I am sorry they moved last fall.

The Catholic Church seems to think they own Baltimore. Yes they are big here but they have been loosing ground.
"Now, Maryland’s politicians unconscionably have chosen political expediency over the good of society–the fundamental charge of their office–by daring to redefine this sacred union between one man and one woman. Their action poses a grave threat to the future stability of the nuclear family and the society it anchors. The Archdiocese will continue to advocate for the preservation of both and will eagerly and zealously engage its 500,000 members in overturning this radical legislation, and will join with the hundreds of thousands of others in this Archdiocese and throughout Maryland in aggressively protecting the God-given institution of marriage." - Cardinal Edwin O'Brien, Archdiocese of Baltimore, quoted on Good As You.
I am guessing that the good Cardinal has not seen this.....
  • Religion Dispatches

  • It’s a popular stereotype that Catholics are more conservative than their Protestant counterparts, but a new report reveals that Catholics are more supportive of gay and lesbian rights than the general population and other Christians. But, depending on how one reads the numbers, the study could be a mixed blessing for marriage equality supporters.
    On the issue of marriage, the report [pdf], compiled by the Public Religion Research Institute using past polls and studies, showed “nearly three-quarters of Catholics favor either allowing gay and lesbian people to marry (43%) or allowing them to form civil unions (31%). Only 22% of Catholics say there should be no legal recognition of a gay couple’s relationship.”
    This is surprising and welcome news.

    In fact many people of every faith are coming forward to say they think gay is okay and are joining the growing percentage of Americans that think the same way. Many have spoken about their personal struggle with this issue in testimony after testimony in several states.  Some have come to the conclusion that God loves everyone and we should all be equal. Some have separated church from the secular and realized they can not impose their beliefs on the rest of us so as a secular nation, all should be equal. Good for them and us!

    Every state that has Equal Marriage has had to put up with the lies, junk science, and just outright hate from those who will be on the wrong side of history. This year has seen a majority of Americans on the side of freedom and equality for all. Prop 8 has been called unconstitutional in several courts and the federal government does not want to defend DOMA. They are talking about how unfair it is that our married service members are not getting the same benefits as other married couples and families.

    It is coming folks! The ball is rolling faster everyday in our favor because it is the right thing to do.
    Those who don't like it need to get out of the way of progress.

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