Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maryland Debate and Vote - YES!!! 25 to 22

I am listening to the Maryland Senate debate and argue the amendments to the equal marriage bill.
They passed it last year and nothing has changed since. I hope they get to the vote quickly.

4: 30pm
So far All I have heard is how to keep religious liberty from being attacked.
Basically they want the right to discriminate against gays where ever and when ever they want.

It is sad that religion has produced so many that show "Christian love" by discriminating against same sex couples and their families. I really hate that " Love the sinner, hate the sin" crap.

They are so much more concerned about their "beliefs" than the welfare of those who deserve and need the protections that marriage brings to the family.

All have spoken well. For and against have given A LOT of thought and the vote should be coming up soon. This Senate has heard this before and they all have had more than enough time to know what their personal views are. After hearing many, many testimonies in several states, it is getting old.
Religion should have no bearing but it does. Yet some religious leaders have stepped up to support equal marriage.
Why can't people believe we have happy monogamous lives. That we have kids and what the best for them too. That it is not a choice ( no one would choose to be LGBT). It just is and we are fine with it. We just want the same thing they have for the same love and caring of our partners and children.
The next generation does not care and think it is stupid that we are still fighting about this. Thank Goodness. I would just like to see all Americans equal.

Hear it goes.....25 - 22

Now off the the desk of Gov. O'Malley!

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