Monday, February 6, 2012

One Million Moms Say JC Penney Is Hanging Up On Their Complaints - What a F##king Shame!

 I saw this at this afternoon.
 I listened to the whole thing but pay attention starting at mark 2:10 to 2:50. He calls Ellen bad things.
If he just stuck to calling all of us names then it is not slander or defamation of character but he calls Ellen names and I would LOVE to see her nail his ass to his own cross.

The word hate is very strong and I don't use it often but I hate Bryan Fissure. I am past being nice, tolerant, or even sorry for this guy. I hate him. I can't wait for him to pass from this earth so I can be free from his lies and sick accusations. He knows NOTHING about being LGBT. Everything he thinks he knows is WRONG.  He will have some explaining to do before God sends him to Hell.

One Million Moms spokesbigot Monica Cole says that JC Penney is calling for their own boycott by hanging up on people who call to complain about "perverse and deviant" Ellen DeGeneres.

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