Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last Night in Maryland - The Best Testimony

Having had a busy day, I was not able to listen in on all the Equal Marriage testimonies. I  did play catch up and caught the last 4 hours.

For the most part it was all the same stuff from both sides.

Those against were mostly based on religious reasons sprinkled with the lies and twisted truths they believe are true. No REAL reasons for denying couples equal marriage. Some were delivered with grace but most were delivered with a sense of urgency and anger. All see it as a threat.
 I will spare you from listening to the worst one I recorded for 2 reasons. First, I am new to the Podcast site I needed to get the clips up. Second, I don't think we need to listen to the Fire and Brimstone rants of a poor soul that could benefit from therapy.

Those for equal marriage gave the usual jumble of LGBT families, friends, and allies.
Not many of them were angry. Most were heartfelt. Some were funny.  Most were focused on the family while others focused on benefits to the state and the lack of real reasons to deny equal marriage.
 This was the most eloquent and well spoken speech I caught Last Night in Maryland. Get a tissue and be ready to cheer.

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