Monday, February 27, 2012

Homecoming Kiss Draws Nasty Comments

 Sgt. Brandon Morgan and Partner Dalan Wells share a kiss after returning from a recent deployment. Photo Credit: Gay Marines Facebook Page

This picture of the marine homecoming kiss has gone viral. It was picked up by network news programs and the response has been mixed. I went to several papers and read pages full of comments. I found them to be about a 60/40 split between the lovers and haters.
I did not see death threats but then many of the threats and really bad things were taken down. There were some nasty things left up. Here are a few samples.
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Sir_Drinks_Alot (Name says it all)
Feb 27, 2012

Personally, this makes me sick to my stomach, and I hope an IED comes his way.

Feb 27, 2012

The Taliban will probably post this on the walls of their caves, as evidence that their opponents are a troop of limp wristed, pickle-smoking, girly-men. And, in the case of these two exhibitionists, they would be right.
Sgt. Brandon Morgan thank you for your service to our country. Many of your fellow Americans wish you and your partner Dalan Wells the very best.
I am appalled that ABCNews would post this kind of trash. Especially when there are more news-worthy things happening in the world. These people should keep that crap in their bedrooms. For all the good they have done, it is worth nothing after the focus is put on their sexuallity. Just plain nastiness!!!!!!!!
This is disgusting and sick!!!!!! Send him back and put him on point!!!! Need to get America back to the values that once made it great!!!
Absolutely disgusting…and on top of it, a Marine no less…I always thought Marines were real men but now I see some are just ‘girls’ in men’s bodies…time to update their slogan: “The Marines: the few, the proud, the gay”

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