Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fighting over Marriage

As you know the decision from the 9th Circuit Court came in and the shit has hit the fan!

The court clearly stated that Prop 8 was unconstitutional because it had no good reason to TAKE AWAY an EXISTING right other than to hurt a minority. Yup! LGBT People in California could already get married BEFORE Prop 8. Prop8 did not help anyone. It only hurt LGBT people.

So It is unconstitutional to take away an existing right. Sounds fair to me. Plus the whole thing only applies to California. No where else.

The court also said that the supporters are able to defend Prop 8 when and if, BIG IF, the Supreme Court of the United States decides to take the case. ( They don't have to.) Then the entire trial will be repeated and the outcome of that trial will only apply to California.

Now lots of people, good and bad, have been weighing in on this decision. They all have lots to say.

The LGBT folks are seeing this as the correct thing to do and are busy giving kudos to those who have fought and supported them. As Americans we can't be giving rights to folks, let them enjoy those rights for a while, then take them back. ( It happened TWICE over the same issue in California.) I think most Americans will agree with that.

Not everyone is happy about the decision and that is to be expected. The problem is they are not staying on task when they are arguing this particular decision. They tend to go back to the argument that LOST them the trial to begin with. (Of course we are not allowed to see the tapes of the trial but you can read the transcripts, watch reenactments of the trial, and if you can get a ticket go see the play "8" based on the trial.)
Some of the objections being tossed around range from true but don't matter to the outright lies spread by those Hate Groups I keep you all posted about. I would like to cover some of them with you.

Conservative Judge N. Randy Smith wrote that, "The family structure of two committed biological parents -- one man and one woman -- is the optimal partnership for raising children." This is true but pointless. First, only 7% of the families today are str8 married couples raising kids. That leaves alot of other families doing a good job raising kids out. Second, There have been studies released that maintain that same sex couples are doing a good job IF NOT better at raising kids than their str8 counterparts. Third, any 2 parent family decreases the odds of their kids dropping out of school and becoming a delinquent.
So while the statement is true, it is also pointless.

From the National Org. for Marriage ( One of those Hate Groups) comes this statement on their site yesterday.     Judicial Overlords Declare Marriage Unconstitutional!
Now I have downloaded and read the entire 133 pages of this decision and no where did it find marriage unconstitutional. Marriage is a right given by the government to support those who are committed to each other and offer them incentives to remain married and raise children.  The main decision was to not take back rights already given but because the rights in question happen to be equal marriage, the Hate Groups are having a field day. 

Nom is not the only org. that has either misunderstood the decision or are deliberately misleading people.

Rick Santorum is claiming that the courts are calling them "Bigots and Haters". Not once did I see the word bigot or hater in the 133 pages I read.

Mat Staver, head of Liberty Counsel (Hate Group) "This is a travesty of justice and it undermines the legitimacy of the judiciary. When judges find that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, it's absolutely absurd......they looked at their own ideological bias, their radical positions, not the Constitution itself." There are so many things wrong with this statement.
1. Marriage is not in the Constitution.
2. Appointed judges are put through a long and rigorous process to see if they have, can, and will judge any issue without prejudice or bias. It also was not a unanimous decision. It was 2 to one so I have to believe they debated this long and hard.
3. They did NOT "find that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage". They found that found that you can not give a right then take it back for no good reason.

This gem was Tweeted by Maggie Gallagher. You know, the one who is married but does not use her married name or wears her wedding ring. She is never home to tend to her husbands needs either.

Did not see the word "irrational" either.

Senior Counsel for Alliance Defense Fund ( Hate Group), Brian Raum..."We are not surprised that this Hollywood-orchestrated attack on marriage–tried in San Francisco–turned out this way."
Hollywood-orchestrated attack? Tried in San Fran? OH! I get it! Because California is so liberal plus the entertainment business and San Fran are full of queers! Way off base my friend.

Penny Nance, head of the Concerned Women of America, "...with a stroke of the pen these three judges have undermined the foundations of the family and liberty. Shame on them."  Wow! That is so far off the mark! 

As you can see, many of the far Left wants people to believe anything other than what the decision was about. They continue to spout off about the death of marriage if LGBT folks are allowed to enjoy the governments 1300 benefits they get for doing the same thing.

Keep in mind that many countries have equal marriage and they are doing fine. 7 states and DC have equal marriage and they are still here.
So far, there has not been much change in anything and there is no proof that equal marriage harms anyone or anything.
What it does do is brings families closer together. Promotes better health, happier kids, more community involvement, and security for the couple and their children. Equal marriage gives LGBT families the same positive emotional and family security as str8 families.

I don't understand why that is a bad thing.

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